The importance of music in society… you dig it?

Body and Soul playing at Diggers Services Club

For the last 12 days we have been travelling up the coast from Perth to Exmouth, and have played at five venues along the way.

When you get to the far-flung corners of Australia you realise that simple things like music are a little harder to come by.

There are some amazing venues in remote Australia; committed to growing their business, maintaining enthusiasm, finding the right staff, serving the right food – all the ingredients required to make a successful business.  And we all know success attracts success.

As musicians, we greatly value those venues that are committed to making live music a central part of their existence.   By believing in the power of music and continuing to offer a range of bands, soloists, duos and trios to entertain their patrons, these venues are upholding the tradition of the connection between artists and the general public.

After all, being a musician is not  never play to anyone?   The jury is out on that but, personally, I believe what keeps you improving, keeps you striving to be the best you can be as an artist, is the opportunity to play to an audience.

Venues like Diggers Services Club are a central part of their community by offering great food, a community atmosphere and a place to kick up your heels on a Friday or Saturday night; with old friends or to find new ones.

We love playing to the RnB-loving community at Diggers and always look forward to adding new songs to our repertoire in the knowledge that they’ll be well-received by our fans.

So, if you live in Logan, make a bee-line for Diggers and check out some of the awesome artists they have every weekend, playing for free, while you enjoy a delicious dinner in the bistro.

The friendly team behind the bar will be ready to mix up your favourite cocktails or pour your favourite brew, so get your friends together and enjoy some good, old-fashioned entertainment right in your own neighbourhood.

We’re playing again on Friday 30th July so maybe we’ll see you there!

Sean and Sandra

On the road to the far-flung corners of Australia

Body and Soul Duo, Willie Nelson's Love Child, Sean Mullen Guitar

The wonderful thing about music is that it can take you anywhere!

From Timber Creek to Toowoomba, two Brisbane-based musicians are taking their talents to one of the most remote outposts in Australia.

Exmouth /ˈɛksmθ/ is a town on the tip of the North West Cape in Western Australia. The town is located 1,270 kilometres (789 mi) north of the state capital Perth and 3,366 kilometres (2,092 mi) southwest of Darwin.

The town was established in 1967 to support the nearby United States Naval Communication Station Harold E. Holt. Beginning in the late 1970s, the town began hosting U.S. Air Force personnel assigned to Learmonth Solar Observatory, a defence science facility jointly operated with Australia’s Ionospheric Prediction Service.

How apt that one of the USA’s favourite sons has his “love child” performing at Cadillac’s Bar and Grill on Saturday 13th July, 2019.

The bar is a honky tonk nod to the types of places that Willie would love to frequent in his early career.

Sandra Beynon (the Love Child) and her talented guitarist-music-director, Sean Mullen, have toured this show extensively throughout Australia – from Derby WA to Alice Springs in 2017, the Torres Strait in 2016,  and every corner of Outback Queensland, including the iconic Birdsville Races, in 2015, raising money for Aussie Helpers Drought Relief charity along the way.

Catch this free show if you’re in the hood.

The duo will also be playing their urban grooves embodiment, Body and Soul, at Bill’s Bar at Coral Bay on Sunday 14th July, and Ningaloo Reef Resort on Thursday 12th July.

“We are very excited to be visiting this stunning part of the world, and meeting some of the locals and visitors who enjoy all that this region has to offer, ” said Beynon.

Rumour has it the Love Child will be armed with her ukulele on a “Swim with the Whale Sharks” tour with Kings Ningaloo Reef Tours on Monday 15th July, just before an appearance at the Froth Craft Brewery where Sean Mullen will also be performing his Satriani Tribute.

“I certainly will be on a high after that experience.  Hopefully I won’t be too water-logged to sing, ” joked Beynon.


Sean Mullen brings Satriani to Western Australia

Sean Mullen plays Satriani

Saturday 6th July at 9pm the stage at Fremantle’s Swan Lounge will sizzle with the lightning-fast fretboard prowess of Brisbane-based guitarist, Sean Mullen’s Satriani Tribute Show.

A labour of love, this tribute showcases the best of Joe Satriani’s song-writing as it was recorded.

Mullen is also performing with the Willie Nelson’s Love Child Show, touring the east coast of Western Australia between 3-16 July.

In addition to the Swan Lounge, Mullen is taking his show to Froth Craft Brewery in the far-flung coastal town of Exmouth on Monday 15th July to give the local guitar-heads something to get excited about.   There is no cover charge for the Exmouth performance which will also feature vocalist, Sandra Beynon. 

Tickets to the Swan Lounge performance are available from Humanitix.


Willie’s girl at the Ravenswood Hotel

Brisbane-based tribute to Willie Nelson

Tribute to Willie Nelson

Tomorrow night, Friday 5th July, Willie Nelson’s Love Child kicks off their “Willie and the Whales Tour” of the east coast of Western Australia with a 6pm performance at the Ravenswood Hotel.

Visitors to the “Ravo” will enjoy three sets of great entertainment by Brisbane-based Sandra Beynon (vocals and ukuleles) and Sean Mullen (guitar) paying tribute to the great song-writing of the one and only Willie Nelson.

The Ravenswood Hotel is a favourite haunt for music lovers and it’s an honour for the much-toured duo to play this beautiful venue.

In 2017 we toured from Broome to Alice Springs, but this is our first visit to the east coast, and to kick off our tour at such a beautiful venue is a real treat,” said the Love Child, Sandra Beynon.

The duo has toured all of Outback Queensland, the Torres Strait, the Top End and now will take their show right up to Exmouth, where Cadillac’s Honky Tonk Bar and Grill will play host to this act.

Uber-talented guitarist, Sean Mullen, will also be performing his Satriani Tribute Show on Saturday 6th July.  


One show only Willie Nelson’s Love Child Show at Ravenswood Hotel

The great man Willie Nelson is still touring the US with his vast catalogue of amazing songs and his “love child” down under, Brisbane vocalist, Sandra Beynon, is doing him proud by touring this vast brown land, bringing his music to life in her quirky show.

Brisbane-based tribute to Willie Nelson
Sandra Beynon and Sean Mullen

Willie Nelson’s Love Child Show pays tribute to the music of the great Willie Nelson, through their own renditions of his classic hits. The twist is that his songs are all sung by a charismatic female artist while still paying homage to the spirit of the original song-writing.

Using seven ukuleles tuned in open tuning (a la Keith Richards) Beynon provides a unique rhythm backing to the talented engine-room of guitarist, Sean Mullen.

As touring artists, the outfit is small and tight.  Using hand-crafted backing tracks created by Mullen, the pair has in four years covered Outback Queensland, the Torres Strait, the Top End from Broome to Alice Spring, and now will be debuting in Perth, driving up to Exmouth where Beynon is looking forward to swimming with the whales (or if they have moved on, some manta rays).   There may even be some under-water ukulele playing!

Catch their show at the Ravenswood Hotel  on  Friday 5th July from 630pm and it’s FREE!

Check out their promo video here, shot while on tour in Outback Queensland in August/September 2015, funded by Arts Queensland.

Tribute to Willie Nelson
Brisbane-based duo, Sandra Beynon and Sean Mullen


Diggers Services Club – more like a family than a club

Music makes you smile

Once again Body and Soul has  been invited to perform at Diggers Services Club to entertain the TGIF crowd.  With Sandra Beynon on vocals, Sean Mullen on Guitar and Philip John on percussion, it’ll be a great night of RnB, Pop, Country and Blues.

What strikes us about this club is its family feel – from the big welcome at the reception desk to the great hospitality and smiles behind the food servery and bar.oce that regulars love to meet their friends on a Friday and chill out to the grooves, hiave a dance when the mood strikes and just celebrate the end of another (sometimes hard) week. 

Playing to an audience that really appreciates you is a musicians’ dream.  Seeing faces light up when you play a song they haven’t heard for years, couples embracing on the dance floor as they reminisce about a time and place brought to mind by a familiar song,  and sometimes lonely people who have no-one to dance to feeling freed up to take their place on the dance floor and just soak up the sounds and escape to a happier time.

Music is balm for the soul, the senses and is the glue that keeps the fabric of society together.  No matter who we are, there is a song that evokes a special memory of a time or a person or a place.

Our job as musicians is to bring those feelings back and get people grooving along, forgetting their troubles for just a short while, and remember that happiness is only a melody away sometimes.

Join us this Friday 24th May at Diggers Services Club from 8.30 to 12.30pm.  Bring your friends and bring your dancing shoes!

Eco-Friendly Festivals – Briz Chilli Fest

Ways to reduce plastic waste

Recently I visited a festival in inner-Brisbane and noticed bins overflowing with plastic cups and paper cups.  This was a general waste bin.

Throughout the festival there were recycling bins but no thought had gone into ensuring that the bins were paired so that people could separate their waste.

The result – recyclables going into landfill.

Body and Soul Australia Events and Entertainment has from its first festival in 2017 aimed at reducing waste. From something as simple as banning the straw, or disallowing the sale of plastic bottles, small ideas take growth and become the norm.

Briz Chilli Fest is encouraging patrons not to print out tickets, to bring their own cutlery and cup, re-usable bags, water bottle and to bring a blanket to sit on.

Our sponsor The Greek Club and its flagship restaurant Nostimo are offering the chance to win a $200 dining voucher just by showing us your non-plastic cutlery at the gate!  Get some Greek on your Fork!

We will be using recyclable cups for beer service at this year’s festival, but for future festivals we will aim to purchase bio-degradable drinkware.

Of course there will be segregated waste bins  also being emptied into segregated skip bins.

It is encumbent upon anybody organising large events to ensure they make minimal impact on the environment wherever practicable.  It sometimes isn’t easy, but as time goes on, we will find ways of minimising plastic use and waste.

Tickets for Briz Chilli Fest are now on sale:


The heat is on for Brisbane’s second chilli festival at Newstead.

Brisbane Chilli Festival

Brisbane, are you ready to get your chilli on?

On Sunday 9th June 2019 at WAterfront Park Newstead, chilli-heads and all-round fun-lovers will revel in the packed program that makes up Briz Chilli Fest.

Not only is this festival family-friendly, it’s also dog-friendly, provided your pooch wears something red or chilli-themed when fronting up at the ticket gate with its parents.

Body and Soul Australia Events and Entertainment prides itself on engaging as many community groups and clubs as possible in its events, and this festival is no exception.

Bhangra Dance Group, the North Brisbane Chinese Association Porcelain Dancers, BAD Dance Company, Triple S Model Boat Club, Viking Breed Social Motorcycle Club are all joining in to help make this day one of diverse cultural inclusion.

Save time at the gate and grab your ticket online at:

North Brisbane Chinese Association
Blue Porcelain Dancers



Brisbane’s best family festival – Briz Chilli Fest

Brisbane Chilli Festival

Sunday 9th June 2019 at Waterfront Park, Newstead, the whole family will enjoy an array of activities, food and live music at the second annual Briz Chilli Fest.

Many festivals claim that they’re family friendly or say “fun for the whole family” on their flyers, yet then end up being just a great big beer garden, with kids sitting around looking bored or slightly angry, event.

Briz Chilli Fest hosts not one but two jumping castles -one for the kids and one for the adults.

The animal nursery by Amazing Animals to You will enthral the children as will the ponies by Magical Ponies.

Very Krafty will be there with some things for little hands to do, as will Brisbane Art Class run by Katie McErlane.

The Triple S Model Boat Club will be delighting people with their beautiful model water craft on the man-made lake fronting the park.

Motorcycle enthusiasts can cast their eyes over the 20 or so “rides” belonging to the social motorcycle club, Viking Breed.

If hot rods are your thing, Kerry Gray is bringing along his amazing classic hot rod for people to ooh and aah over.

Oh yes, people over 150cm high can hop on the Gladiator Duel inflatable and belt each other with giant foam rods while balancing on a half-ball.  Sure to be hilarious after a drink or two!

Yes, the Afterburn Bar will be serving delicious chilli cocktails,  chilli beer, chilli coffee and lots more.

And of course there’s lots of delicious food, including chilli specialities.

Cool the tongue with some ice-cream, snow cones, iced tea or juice.

And in between all of that, pull up your picnic rug and relax on the grass, taking in the beautiful Brisbane weather and buzzy vibe in downtown Newstead.

Even the dogs can join in, providing they wear a costume of some sort.

Brisbane, get your chilli on!

Chilli Eating Competitions – what’s the motivation

Briz Chilli Fest

Brisbane’s one and only chilli festival, Briz Chilli Fest, is happening again on Sunday 9th June 2019 at Waterfront Park, Newstead.

Included in the program are 6 eye-watering chilli challenges.

Australian Extreme Chilli Condiments’ Rob Dunn will host “Great Balls of Fire” – a clutch of nasty meatballs set to test the best.

Firing Line Gourmet Chilli will be cooking up a searingly hot batch of Flaming Wings with an extra touch of volcanic heat, thanks to Adrian Zocaro.

Mobile Pizza will be firing up the ovens to create some diabolically hot Pyro Pizzas with sauce by Rob Dunn of Australian Extreme Chilli Condiments.

Brisbane horticulturist and competitive chilli-eater, Hedz Kwan, will be concocting a scarily hot mountain of Napalm Noodles for his challenge.

Get ready to yell as loud as you can in the Tequila Sip n Shout competition – this always sorts out the mice from the men (or women).

Finally, the most daring of competitors will enter the Fiery Pod Challenge hosted by Rob Webb of The Chilli Market Place.   Starting out with jalapeno peppers and ending up with chilli extract, this competition is not for the faint-hearted.

If you are a lover of chilli, or just love to be entertained by people doing crazy things, come along to the festival which kicks off at 11am.

Tickets are available online to save time at the gate.

Brisbane! Get your chilli on!